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Real talk | The DEAD season…

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Allow me to start with, I’m not a writer, and don’t claim to be a writer. Often times I struggle with blogging, b/c I can get so lost in what I’m suppose to write, which totally explains why I haven’t blogged here for over a month. Well actually it’s b/c I got this bold idea to separate my BEAUTIFUL work from my other work, and now I’m trying to mange 2 blogs which is more work than I thought. Yikes! Check it out so you can see that I’m being honest…LOL! : -BEAUTIFUL- by Jazi Photo blog : www.beautifulbyjaziphoto.com/blog

At the end of 2012 God took me on a journey that has forever revolutionized my life, business, and passion for telling stories. In my conversations with Him, He has challenged me with tough questions such as: What is the power of a story?, Why does it matter?, Why do you want to give back? What does my word say about business? and so much more….I’ve kept a lot of my discoveries to myself, not really sure where to even begin or how to share what I was learning. That was until I started meeting with other photographers. I had the privilege of meeting an amazing photographer, now friend Darcy at a networking event in 2013. We have become great friends, and try to meet once a month to just talk about life, business, and where God is leading us. A lot of the times we get to just process some of our thoughts, joys, and struggles. Well, it was time for us to meet again for Jan. 2014, which I was so excited to talk about our plans and goals. While we were talking, and enjoying our hummus and sliced cucumber, I began to share my heart on what God was speaking to me about, and Darcy cuts me off… and said, “Why aren’t you blogging about this?…” I paused and really was unsure of what to say, b/c in a way I knew she was right. But in my head I excused it with: really who wants to read my posts about God, business and being a creative….Well all this to say that as the weeks have passed by, I couldn’t get her comment out of my head. I’ve had this compelling sense of responsibility to share, inspire and encourage my fellow creative friends out there.

And so today I start with : The DEAD season…

As a photographer, Jan and Feb. is typically called the DEAD season or least that’s what I call it. As I was having my quiet time, I would begin to pray for this “DEAD” season. After the 3rd time of calling it that, I was totally convicted. I was challenged with a question, “How can I bring life to what you are calling dead?” In that instance, I repented, b/c it’s so true. I was praying and believing that God would provide all that we need, and be able to do all that I wanted with #ClickforHope, but yet with my mouth I was confessing death. God reminded me of Ezekiel 37 1-14. I highly encourage you to read it! This verse stuck out to me the most: 37:11 “…Listen to what they’re saying: ‘Our bones are dried up, our hope is gone, there’s nothing left of us.’”-www.biblegateway.com (message version)

So instantly I began to pray for HOPE, not just over my business but over my other photog friend’s businesses. I began to pray for new clients, new inquiries, and more. I prayed that this dry season would actually be a season of plenty and not lack…. and once I shifted my mentality I began to see the hand of God move over my business in a way like never before. Just to testify on his goodness, I had 3 shoots, and booked a wedding in Jan and gave back 4 for #ClickforHope, and have 4 shoots scheduled for Feb. as well as 4 sessions for #ClickforHope. That may not seem like a lot to some, but for me my goal is to only book one shoot a week, and give one back. To all glory to God, I’m able to pay the bills, and give back (which is my deepest passion.) And so I pray for you in this time, that you would not lose hope. Does your business or dream look dead? Speak to that business/dream and tell it to live, tell it to breathe…..to have hope. And watch those dead bones come back to life.

Until next time…


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