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Help me win 20K | Microsoft Business Grant

Vote for Jazi Photo: http://woobox.com/qxectb/h6108b

Voting ends on the 24th, and you can enter once per day.


What would our business do with 20K?

1) I’d do a happy dance!!!
I’d be filled with so much excitement, that I wouldn’t be able to contain myself….haha!
2) Purchase a 2nd trailer to expand the Jazi Photo Booth
We’ve passed up on a handful of events/wedding for our vintage camper photo booth, which means a loss of revenue. Having a 2nd camper photo booth would allow for us to double our bookings.
3) Grow a team
We all know that “more” can be done with a team verses doing it alone. I’ve been running the majority of our business alone, and can only imagine the things we could accomplish if we grew a team of amazing creatives that share a similar desire to change the world. Oh and we can’t forget work a bunch of fun events, weddings, and festivals.
4) Find a Headquarters to call “home”
Expanding and growing a team means we would need a space to call home. Our plan would be to find a small warehouse that could provide indoor storage for our campers, have an office space for our employees, and have a creative studio to do photo sessions, host workshops, and so much more.
5) Help fund #Clickforhope 
I’m so passionate about #Clickforhope, and sharing the stories of those with inspiring stories. It’s encouraging to know I’m doing exactly what I was created to do. It’s through Jazi Photo and The Jazi Photo Booth where we’ve been able to give back as much as we have. We have a Spring and Fall tour planned to travel nationally with the vintage camper photographing and sharing more stories of hope. We are so excited for all that we will be able to accomplish this year!
Visit our blog to learn more about what Clickforhope is: www.clickforhope.net


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Help @Jazi Photo win 20K with the @Microsoft in Business grant. Winning this grant will allow for her to expand her business and give back more through #Clickforhope. Watch her story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTRHGswoTo8
Voting ends on the 24th, and you can enter once per day. Vote for Jazi Photo: http://woobox.com/qxectb/h6108b
#MSSmallBizContest #Clickforhope #giveback
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