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My Story


I discovered my love for the camera as a small child, with the Polaroid. I love all things artsy and so in high school I took a ton of art classes, especially photography. I learned the fundamentals and desired to continue to grow as a photographer. After high school, I went to art school and received my degree in Fashion Design. After graduating from college, I freelanced with several photography businesses, as I continued to grow and practice my craft. In 2011 I decided to quit my freelance job to go after my dream of owning my own photography studio. Along the way I’ve photographed many families and weddings. I love having the opportunity to capture my clients’ unique story through my lens.


I love capturing your personality and style coupled with beautiful light, and a soft color palette. I’m not big into posing, but love giving direction and allowing you the opportunity to make it your own! I love capturing those in between moments that are often overlooked but really showcase the essence of who you are. With a fusion of lifestyle and guided posing your images will look natural and most of all communicate your love for one another.

Give Back

I am a for profit business that wants to create change in the world, so in 2012 I created #ClickforHope. My passion is to capture as many inspiring stories as possible. I believe in the power of a story and the healing that can be exchanged when our stories are shared. So for every session I book I give one back to someone with an inspiring story. Be sure to visit my #ClickforHope page to learn more!

If you are a non-for-profit that would love to partner with us please contact us at hello@clickforhope.com.


-I got my nose pierced on the streets of Israel when I was 17

-I’m very klutzy, especially during photo shoots (FYI)

-I’m gluten and dairy free

-I love DIY projects

-I married my high school sweetheart and we have three beautiful daughters: Dakota, Savannah & Emery.

-I have a BIG heart for global missions and one day want to travel the world capturing stories. Until then, I capture inspiring stories locally.

-One day I will live on an RV/Trailer and capture inspiring stories all over the nation.

-I want to change the world one photo at a time…


Chief Light Writer