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Blog Circle | Love…

Over 2 years ago, my friend Carol and I decided to go on an adventure to Atlanta, Georgia for a 2 1/2 day workshop called WPPI-U. I’m so glad we made the last minute decision to go because we learned so much from some amazing photographers like Sal Cincotta, Sue Bryce, Jasmine Star, and so much more. We also met an amazing group of ladies randomly at a table, and before we knew it we were eating dinner not only with our new friends, but with some of the guest photographers of WPPI-U…..Sal Cincotta was super friendly and was an open book with any questions we had! 2 1/2yrs later, we have stayed in touch through a Facebook Forum, and have had the honor to grow in our friendship. We have also seen each others businesses grow, and be there for each other whenever situations arise! I’m so grateful to have them in my life….so Nicole, from our group, thought it would be great to do a blog circle, and we would come up with one topic and each of us would photograph that topic. So not only do you get to see my images, but you can follow along to see everyone else’s images by clicking the link below! I hope I didn’t confuse you…LOL! Because I think I totally confused myself.:)

So February’s topic is Love!!!

I have to admit….sometimes I get so busy that I forget to take pics of the people most dear to me….like my little ones…DK and Savi. And when I finally have the chance to photograph them, I have to make sure that everything is perfect including the background…this time around, I challenged myself to capture them for who they are….crazy hair and all. Even with the boogers Savi had smudged on her face after just waking up from her nap. Don’t I want to remember these moments for who they are, and not who I manufactured them to be for pictures? I often struggle with this as a mom and photographer. So I wanted to share with you guys some very raw candid pics of my girls!!!

Meet Savi. She’s currently 20 months and has turned out to be quite wild, somehow she can destroy a room in minutes. She’s a total diva! She loves fashion, her bottle, and being like her big sister…Oh and I can’t forget to mention that she has a passion for electronics and building things. I swear she’s going to be an engineer when she grows up! And then there is DK! DK is simply hilarious. I think she’s the wittiest 5 1/2yr old I know. She an artist at heart, and loves BIG! She’s loyal, and wants to be everyone’s friend. She loves to sing like her daddy, and most of all wants to be photographer like me…so she says!:)Of course that made my heart jump…but in all honesty I think she’s meant to be a super star, singing in front of many…or maybe doing stand up…who knows! LOL! But she’s pretty amazing. Ohhh and I forgot to mention…DK has the most perfect beach waves. It makes my pin straight hair jealous….where does she get it from you ask…well not from me…believe it or not she gets it from her Daddy. I promise next time you will see more of him, but until then enjoy some pictures of my wild children!:)I’m so honored and blessed to be their mommy!

Be sure to click this link to see Nicole’s blog and so on and so on until you get back to my blog again: http://www.nicolemathison.com/2014/02/20/nicole-mathison-photography-love/


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