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#ClickforHope | Leslie

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What is your story:

Our youngest son, Carter, has Spina Bifida. He also has Hydrocephalus and Chiari Malformation, and it has been to very difficult to manage. At only 16 months, Carter has had 25 surgeries, but always is happy. The longest stretch he has ever been home is 8 weeks.

What/who is your inspiration?

Every special needs parent who has paved the way for me. I have learned a lot from other parents in the community.

How has your story defined who you are today?
Learning how to advocate and care for Carter has shown how strong and resilient I am. It has made me a better mom to all 3 of our kids.
Why should your story be selected to be featured on our blog?
I hope I can show just one person no matter how hard it me seem, they will persevere. Our son has already had a hard fight, and will have to fight hard in he future. Despite the cards he was dealt, we live each day enjoying life.
What encouraging words would you give to someone who shares a similar story? *
Never give up fighting, and always trust your instincts.
Hair: Maria Salgado
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