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Give Back | Latino Youth 2012 Seniors

For some reason this has been a difficult blog posting for me. I have been struggling with how to structure what I want to say….I know I’m over complicating it, but I really want to make sure that I’m communicating my heart in this. This is my PASSION, to change the world one photo at a time. So to have the opportunity to do complimentary Senior Pics for Latino Youth, which is an inner city alternative charter High School, fuels me in a way words can’t even describe. Latino Youth allows them another opportunity to get their High School Diploma, and what I found to be admirable is that in order to attend the students have to enroll themselves. Which to me, is evidence that they want nothing else but to have an education, and a good one at that!!!

So to photograph close to 30 students who have already graduated this year, and another 40+ in July is WOW….life changing. They made it! They fought the odds of what statistics say they should be. I know it’s only the beginning for them, and my hope is that they continue down the road to success, discover who they have the capacity to be, and be the representation of perseverance not only for themselves but for their families and their communities.

For every teacher out there, I just want to take a moment to encourage you! What you do is life changing. Don’t ever forget why you became a teacher. You have the potential to change the trajectory of your students lives, for the better. I can only imagine how difficult your job can be, and at times frustrating, but do what you have to do to stay focused and encouraged. Remember that your students need you, your words of encouragement can take them places you can’t even imagine. It only took one statement of encouragement from my teacher, for me to decide that photography was what I wanted to do as my life passion. I can’t even imagine where I’d be if he didn’t encourage me and see my potential. He has forever left a fingerprint in my life, and so are you to your students!!!


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