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We had been going back in forth on whether or not we should offer a freestanding photo booth! We learned pretty quickly, that in Chicago, there aren’t many venues where we actually fit Hope  inside, but that those who were inquiring with us, still wanted something unique and different. After much deliberation, we decided to custom build one. We wanted to make sure it fit our brand still, but looked different than what’s already out there in the market. It was so  exciting to get to debut it with Sadie and Jarod at Penrose Brewing. Their wedding theme was totally amazing too called “LetsSticktogether” with succulents and cacti everywhere! It was truly a fun experience getting to celebrate with them and their guests.

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The waiting…

There’s something beautiful about photographing the anticipation of a little one who will arrive soon. So much change and uncertainty is about to take place, but it’s also the most amazing and worthwhile changes ever. Parenthood is one that brings up so many emotions of excitement, wonder and more.

The D family wanted to be surprised and not know the sex of the baby. I asked them a few questions about their waiting season and wanted to share their responses with you below:

What did the first kick feel like?

Mom: The first kick felt like a little flutter. Sometimes I’d wonder if I had felt a kick or if it was just my stomach gurgling. ha!

What does motherhood mean to you?

Mom: Motherhood means that I get to care for and raise a child and experience a love that I haven’t yet experienced. We’ll see how/if this meaning changes once the baby is born and I become a mother.

What does fatherhood mean to John?

Dad: It means being responsible, selfless, and patient. To provide an environment where he/she is loved and nurtured. Also, be a teacher and set a good example of how to treat others. But also make time to have fun and listen to him/her because everyone has different needs and wants.

What are your greatest desires/dreams for your little one?

Mom: I want my little one to be happy in his or her own skin, confident and successful in whatever he or she chooses to do.

What are you looking forward to most?

Mom: I am looking forward to meeting the baby and getting to know his or her little personality!

What emotions are you feeling as you are a few weeks away from meeting him/her?

Mom: I am excited to meet my baby, but also anxious and nervous about how much our lives will change when we bring him or her home. I know that it’s all good changes, but our lives will never be the same!

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Lots of laughter and love equals a happy marriage!

Ummm….no words can describe how much I loved meeting Sarah and Rey! We instantly hit it off, and loved hearing all about their love story! Let’s just say she’s a huge Harry Potter Fan, so he popped the question by transforming her apartment into Hogsworth! Man do I wish I could have photographed that. But the joy and love they have for each other was impeccable and so easy to capture. I can’t believe we took these photos last fall, and their wedding is quickly approaching. I can’t wait to meetup again and catch up on all that has happened the past 8 months!!!coffee shop photography engagment session chicago fall engagement photos chicago engagement photographer chicago photography engagement session fall engagement photoschicago coffee shop engagement photographer cafe engagement session chicago ILfall photography engagement photos chicago fall engagement photos chicago IL 60607chicago engagement IL photosdollop cafe engagement photographer60607 chicago wedding photographer chicago engagement photographer chicago wedding photographer west loop engagment photographer chicago engagement photographer west loopchicago IL west loop wedding photographer west loop wedding photographer chicago engagement photographer

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